Not to be confused with several UFO’s that have landed from Planet Rave (or Rap), this UFO comes from the world we know as Planet Rock – hard and heavy with slices of metal embedded throughout. Notching up over 20 albums with a matching number of personnel switches and swaps in five decades (and a bit!), UFO have had at least one stalwart in singer Phil Mogg, while keyboard player/guitarist Paul Raymond, drummer Andy Parker and bassist Pete Way (who took his final leave in 2011) have run up nearly a century between them; current lead guitarist Vinnie Moore (who joined in 2003) superseded in/out legend MICHAEL SCHENKER.… Read More

The Killers

Glitzy gambling capital of the USA, Las Vegas could hardly be described as the epicentre of the alt-rock music scene, but the Nevada desert resort hadn’t reckoned on their one-and-only export, The KILLERS. Fronted by 80s, synth-pop-fixated Brandon Flowers, a dandy highwayman of sorts, the group were one of several post-millennium American outfits (The STROKES, INTERPOL, The RAPTURE and The BRAVERY among them), that procured a “Best of British” policy – well, at least initially.… Read More

Green Day

Retro punk rock for young Americans (and retainer spiky-top Brits) who missed out on RAMONES, BUZZCOCKS, even The DICKIES, the triumphant trio of GREEN DAY have become a phenomenon around the globe. Somewhat akin to a third/fourth-generation punk revolution for the 90s, 00s…, without the danger, unpredictability and raw excitement, titles such as `Basket Case’, `Brain Stew’ and the political `American Idiot’ speak volumes for the masses weaved, hook line and sinker, into their web.… Read More

Ocean Colour Scene

OCEAN COLOUR SCENE competed with buddies OASIS (and hero PAUL WELLER) for the mid-to-late-90s Britpop crown. While critics could draw a line through SMALL FACES, TRAFFIC and the aforementioned Gallagher siblings, OCS had a certain panache all of their own, and a couple of the best songs around in `The Riverboat Song’ and `The Day We Caught The Train’.… Read More


When RADIOHEAD embraced their experimental electronica panache full-throttle on post-millennial noodler, “Kid A”, little did THOM YORKE and Co know that they’d left in their wake a number of combos ready and willing to fill their post-Britpop void. Armed with a neo-prog-rock sensibility and a singer/guitarist (Matthew Bellamy) that could’ve given showman FREDDIE MERCURY a run for his operatic money, spearheading the mini musical revolt was MUSE.… Read More

Kings of Leon

Something akin to The ALLMAN BROTHERS in their earliest deep Southern rock incarnation: plaid shirts, drain-pipe jeans, et al, KINGS OF LEON brothers (and cousin) were preacher’s sons on a mission to bring the rock’n’roll gospel to the masses. This was achieved in no small measure when their multi-selling fourth set, `Only By The Night’ (featuring the classic `Sex On Fire’ hit) won awards all over the globe.… Read More

Kaiser Chiefs

Named after a famous South African football club (Kaizer Chiefs), indie-punks KAISER CHIEFS had struggled for many years before they finally found a bit of “Employment” in 2005; ironically the name of their debut set. Fronted by the energetic celebrity of Ricky Wilson, much of the band’s spirit and musical seed garnered comparisons with The JAM, The CLASH, XTC and BLUR, although fans might disagree with that analogy – `I Predict A Riot’, indeed.… Read More