Alanis Morissette

Whereas the early-to-mid 90s yielded a plethora of solo female singer-songwriters, it was indeed a challenge to set apart just who was the alt-rock “queenpin” – TORI AMOS, FIONA APPLE, SHERYL CROW, ALANIS MORISSETTE, whoever? The grunge scene had now lost its way when the movement yielded its impetus in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s death in April ‘94, and North America was in need of FM-friendly artists that neither fitted within the realms of the bequeathed HOLE (Courtney Love’s connective alt-rock stop) or the growling grrrl genre.… Read More


A bookish, enigmatic indie band who just happen to fill stadiums, R.E.M. remain unlikely godfathers of the US alt-rock and underground scene. For thirty odd years, the band cemented their unique blend of post-punk garage-folk to the masses, hitting critical and commercial pay-dirt on many numerous occasions, the peak of their creativity coming in the late 80s/early 90s period from `Green’ to `Automatic For The People’ via `Out Of Time’.… Read More


A so-called hard-rock band of noted session men who’d, together as a unit, paid their dues on the soft-rock circuit under the auspices of STEELY DAN, BOZ SCAGGS et al, Van Nuys, L.A.-based musicians, David Paich (keyboards), David Hungate (bass) and Jeff Porcaro (drums), enlisted Jeff’s kid brother Steve Porcaro (keyboards), Steve Lukather (lead guitar) – both from Still Life – and singer Bobby Kimball, to begin recording sessions in 1977.… Read More

John Lennon

To many popular music pundits, JOHN LENNON was the epitome of the rock’n’roll idol, inspirational and influential from his halcyon BEATLES days in the 60s to his sublime solo outings in the 70s. After his untimely assassination/murder just as he was “starting over” in the early 80s, one can only ponder what the 40-year-old might have achieved in the following decades had he been allowed to live.… Read More

Simon and Garfunkel

If The EVERLY BROTHERS had diverted their harmonised rock’n’roll allegiances into folk music, they just might’ve sounded like SIMON & GARFUNKEL, probably the greatest duo of the genre, at least in the 60s.
Formed New York City in 1957 as Tom & Jerry (Tom was Art Garfunkel, Jerry was Paul Simon), the pair scored their first hit that year with the lightweight rock-pop of `Hey Schoolgirl’, it would several years later before S&G met with any real success.… Read More